Do you have a physical store where I can walk in and purchase cupcakes?
We do not have a physical brick-and-mortar store at this time. We did have a kiosk at the Columbia Mall for a short time, but felt we could better serve our customers by being an exclusive delivery service, offering freshly baked cupcakes to order.

I want to try all your flavors, can I purchase a dozen and get an assortment?
Since everything is baked to order, we require one dozen per flavor. Everything is baked by me, and it has proven difficult to make a bunch of different flavors in small batches. In order to maintain a quality product, we can only accommodate one flavor per dozen cupcakes ordered. That being said, if I have extras from another order I would be happy to throw in a few!

Do you offer free delivery, and can you deliver to a business?
Yes, we offer FREE delivery to Howard County, MD for orders of 2 dozen or more cupcakes. We can deliver to any residence or business within this area. Normal delivery times are weekdays after 5 pm or Sat/Sun from 12-6 pm. If you need the cupcakes delivered outside of these hours, please ask and we will do our best to accommodate you.

I don't need 2 dozen cupcakes, can you accommodate a delivery of just a dozen for my friend's birthday, anniversary, etc?
Since our minimum for free delivery is 2 dozen, there is a $9 surcharge for delivery of 1 dozen cupcakes (limited to local orders only). 

Delivery is not convenient for me, can I pick up my cupcakes instead?
Yes, you have the option to pickup at a local school in Columbia, MD. Pickup timings are more flexible than delivery. This option works great if you're outside of the area and don't want to pay a delivery fee. Just contact us and we will decide on a mutual date and time.

Are your cupcakes baked fresh every morning?
Absolutely, we always bake our cupcakes the same day of your order to ensure fresh and delicious cupcakes! The only exception is for larger orders such as corporate events we may start a day in advance.   

How do you package your cupcakes and can you include a note for the recipient?
Our cupcakes will arrive packaged in lovely boxes or clamshell containers, so they make the perfect gift! We can even include a note card free of charge.

Do you deliver outside of Howard County?
We can deliver outside of the county for a nominal delivery fee (based on distance from Columbia, MD). Please send a text to (443) 838-2115 or e-mail rosebud.cupcakes@yahoo.com for a price quote.